Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is known for its magnificent beauty of exotic nature. You will be greeted by the bright sun, snow-white beaches, amazing clear sea, numerous coral reefs, and picturesque landscapes. In the Dominican Republic, there are many resorts that offer tourists first-class service and unforgettable vacation in the most beautiful corner of the world. Each resort is different in its own way: in Punta Cana, water sports enthusiasts will find something to do, in Puerto Plata there are all conditions for a family holiday, in the Santo Domingo resort nights pass by in numerous bars and discos, and in Uverto Alto, on the contrary, time flows slowly in hours of relaxation and union with nature.

In the heart of the Caribbean is a country where you can forget about everything in the world, completely dissolve in the beauty of exotic nature, drop in the rays of soft, gentle sun on the ocean, touch the original Latin American culture and history of ancient civilizations.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a great choice for those who have grown tired of European resorts, and who are interested in bright new experiences and a spicy taste of the unknown.

Holidays in the Dominican Republic are amazingly harmonious - you are waiting for the unique color of this country, great service, and exciting excursions!

The nature of the Dominican Republic is striking in its variety and richness of colors: from the majestic Cordillera Mountains to the Blue Ocean, lush tropical greenery, blue fresh lakes, white beaches, noisy waterfalls, delicate flowers, each of which does not seem to have been created on our planet.

During visiting the Dominican Republic, you will find not only clean beaches, clear sea and upper-class hotels, but also an opportunity to get acquainted with the country and its culture during the excursions. And active lovers will be able to learn diving, surfing or just enjoy the sea walks under the magical sounds of meringue.

Dominican Republic

From the Atlantic coast, you will be able to plunge into the places where the treasures of sunken ships are still stored, as well as see the real reef parks - the water is almost always, except for the rainy season, absolutely clean.

No less interesting are the dives from the Caribbean: the multicolored inhabitants of the local depths are very fond of communication, and some fish even give themselves to feed and pet.

In addition, the Dominican Republic can offer its guests a completely unique experience. If your vacation in the Dominican Republic is in winter, you can go for a visit to real whales. On special vessels that make such excursions, you can swim very close to these majestic animals, watch the games of young whales, and admire the grand "live" fountains.

The Dominican Republic has a well-developed tourism infrastructure. Whatever the number of stars, Dominican hotels guarantees high-quality service, provides cozy little bungalows or chic rooms, and operates on an all-inclusive basis. This all-inclusive hotel offers a wealth of extras: a full three-course meal at a good restaurant level, a wide selection of cocktails and local alcohol, and various snacks, aromatic cigars, and fresh juices.

Dominican Republic